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It has been brought up that some people have issues growing houseplants. They just don’t have a green thumb. I will tell you about some houseplants that are easy to care for and will look amazing in your home. Here are some easy plants to grow indoors.

Spider Plant

This is a popular plant for beginners. These plants do best in a hanging basket, with long sword-like green with a cream stripe down the middle that grow from the base of the plant. This easy to grow plant requires little maintenance and no direct sunlight. Only water the spider plant when its dry, do not over water.
Spider Plant

Wandering Jew

They say this plant is difficult to kill. This plant produces flowers pink, purple and white blossoms, in spring to early summer. This plant likes the soil to be moist. If it gets too over dry the roots could die. The Wandering Jew also does well in hanging baskets. If the plant starts to look straggly, cut it back some and will grow full again.

Cast Iron Plant

This plant must be tough to be called Cast Iron, LOL! This plant is in the lily family. These plants can withstand a lot. It can live up to 50 years. This plant doesn’t like to be over watered, does well with low light, humidity and a slow grower. It’s a nice plant to add some green indoors.


Fiddle Leaf Fig

This is a trendy houseplant, with leaves shaped like a violin, that are big and waxy. Give this plant plenty of filtered light and plenty of water. This plant does require a little more attention then some of these other ones. Only get this houseplant as a beginner if you have time to work with it. I would say get this plant if you have mastered the other plants named above and you want to try a more touchy plant.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

This is another popular houseplant for beginners and easy to maintain. The Madagascar dragon tree like to have the soil slightly moist. When pruning, beginners need to pay attention to the leaves that they grow upwards and not in different directions This plant also cleans the air. Note for this plant is its toxic to Dogs and Cats. Because of the dangling leaves it might attract dogs or cats to chew on the leaves. If you have pets, this isn’t the best option.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

ZZ Plant

I don’t think I have heard of this one. This plant does well with low light and drought but does prefer a well light area and well draining soil. If you are touching the leaves, you will need to wash your hands afterwards. This is another plant that is poisonous to children, dog and cats. This is not a good option if you have children and animals in your home.

Guzmania Bromelaid

This plant is a good choice for beginners and advanced gardeners. The part of this plant for beginners is, you only water this plant once a month. They like bright, indirect light, position the plant in the east or west windows for optimal growth. These plants are used to living in hot environments, usually under tree canopies.

Moth Orchid

They call this Phalaenopsis orchid a Moth Orchid because of the shape of the blossom. This plant blossoms twice a year but the blossom lasts for a month and can live for a decade if properly cared for. Orchids don’t like to be over watered, it will die for sure. This plant needs indirect light, the delicate leave can burn. Morning or late sun exposure is fine when the sun isn’t so hot.
Moth Orchid

Cactus houseplants

Cacti and succulents make a good starter plant for beginners. I recently posted about growing succulents. See post if interested in more. These plants are very low maintenance. Put these plants in a sunny spot and water sparingly.

Money Tree Plant

This plant has been said to bring good luck and wealth. This plant has a braided trunk which is kind of cool. A little trivia, the plants truck doesn’t braid by itself. It is done by hand as a very small, young plant. The Money Tree can actually grow 6 feet tall, in natural habitat, it can grow to 60 feet tall.

Devils Ivy

This plant is also very favorable for beginners. It can almost withstand any condition. This plant likes lots of humidity, place the plant in a bathroom or somewhere in the house that has humidity or a humidifier. The soil needs to completely dry before the next watering, it doesn’t like sitting in water. Does best with indirect lighting. When this plant outgrows the pot, it needs to be replanted. Don’t let it get root bound.

Snake Plant

This plant is known to clean the air in the room and an easy plant to grow for a beginner. The Snake Plant is a popular choice for interior design and office space. There are a number of different kinds of snake plants. Avoid direct sunlight and drought tolerant. This plant is also poisonous to Dogs and Cats, please keep this plant out of their reach. Snake Plant

Why you should have houseplants

During the winter houseplants are great to have with everything dead and dormant during winter. Houseplants give off oxygen to clean the air in your home and are good for your health. NASA conducted studies that showed certain houseplants to remove pollution out of the air, some are listed above.

Happy Planting!

There are several plants that a beginner can grow. Besides the fact that they are good for your health. Having houseplants can make a room look more inviting and clean the air in the room. I hope you found this informative!

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8 thoughts on “Best Houseplants for Beginners”

  1. So in our house we have quite a few plants and I’ve always wondered why some get really sick looking and then really healthy. I guess we never really paid attention to it. Looking through your website clued me in to a few of the plants we have around the house and how to properly take care of them.

    Thanks for such an informative website.

  2. Thank you. I’ve been interested to buy some houseplants to change the scenery since it’s really boring nowadays due to lockdown restrictions in my city. Also, thank you very much for mentioning that some of the plants are harmful to pets and children. I like the Madagascar plant since I saw it a lot at my friend’s house, but I never thought it can be poisonous to my dog! I’ll check the other plants that you’ve mentioned. Thanks

    • You’re welcome and thank you for the comment.  Indoor plants can do wonders for cabin fever, especially plants that flower.  Stop by for more gardening tips!

  3. Hello there! These days since I am spending more time at home, it kind of seems a bit “dull” and to some degree gives me cabin fever. I think having a plant may just be the thing I need. I feel like it would change up the scenery as well as make the home environment a cleaner like what you were mentioning about in your article. I haven’t decided which plant would fit my home environment yet and it may take me some time to decide on one. Thanks for these ideas!

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your comments.  I think having houseplants helps with cabin fever.  I purchase 2 Azalea tree’s from Meijer a couple weeks ago.  They are in full bloom and beautiful.  Definitely add some color and life to the dreary winter.  In my post there are lots of plants for beginners and some are air purifying.  Stop back for more gardening tips!

  4. My wife loves housesplants so much we have them inside and outside of the house. I think one of them has been with her since she was in college. We have several Snake plants around the house and office. These are kept on shelves so that the dogs don’t get tempted.  I grew up in a house with several family members allergic to flowering plants. For this reason we try to stay away from anything that flowers. The flower blooms are pretty. 

    The cold has kept us doing the houseplant shuffle with the ones we keep outside..Bring them Inside. Take them Outside. She watches the weather app to see what the temps are going to be so we don’t leave these guys outside in the freezing temps. 

    • Hi Rich,

      Thank you for your comment.  Houseplants are awesome and the snake plants you mentioned are air purifying.  It’s a good idea to watch the weather when having sensitive plants outside.  Stop by for more gardening tips!


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