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Today I am going to talk about where to order seeds online. It seems I have become a seed hoarder and a collector of seeds. When I go to a local store, I find seeds, or purchasing seeds online, I buy more seeds. You can purchase just about any seeds imaginable. You can buy organic seeds online, heirloom garden seeds, vegetable garden seeds and just about any flower seed you can imagine.

I am going to review, where to order seeds online, for 3 difference online sources. This was a difficult piece to write because I kept getting distracted of all the different seeds I could purchase. I found more seeds I don’t have, imagine that. Let’s get started. I am going to review Botanical Interests, Burpee and Seeds Now.

Botanical Interests Banner

Name: Botanical Interests

Website: www.botanicalinterests.com

Location: Broomfield CO
Facebook Review:
4.9 out of 5 – 109 Reviews

There were no reviews for Botanical Interests from TrustPilot

Facebook Rating

Botanical Interests, Product Overview

Botanical Interests is a Colorado-based seed company whose beautifully illustrated seed packets contain much more than just seeds.

The company’s catalog includes more than 500 varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds, including many organic and heirloom varieties. Gardeners can buy individual packets or select from 23 different seed collections to make planting easier.

On the header of the website you can select which seed types you are looking for, vegetables, flowers, herbs and organic.  They have articles and blogs to help with gardening.

Shipping is anything under $9.99 rate is $3.95.  Anything between $10 to $149.99 has different shipping rates.  Anything $150.00 or more is Free

The Positives

  • More than 500 Varieties of seeds
  • Seed costs are competitive $1.89 to $5.00 depending on seeds
  • Digital Catalog Available
  • Some garden supplies and gifts
  • Over $150 purchases – Free Shipping

The Negatives

  • Gardening supplies are limited
  • Basically a seed store

I didn’t really find any more negatives for Botanical Interests.  I do love their seed packaging.  Botanical Interests have been in business for over 25 years.

Burpee Banner

Name: Burpee

Website: Burpee.com

Location: Warminster, PA

TrustScore: 4.4 – 20,747 Reviews

Burpee Review

Burpee Review Stats

Burpee, Product Overview

Burpee seeds and plants are available for all hardiness zones and for all seasons and Burpee guarantees each and very product. In order to keep pace with the changing times, Burpee’s highly recognized catalog can now be viewed online.

Burpee.com can be used as a one-stop-shop for gardening techniques, recipes, FAQs, etc.  Burpee has been in the gardening business for over 140 years.

Able to shop for seeds and live plants by zone.

Their Standard Shipping rate on all seed packets $2.99.  Up to $10 is $3.95 for shipping and up to $150.00 is $18.95.  $150.00 or more is 13% of total order.

The Positives

  • Wide Variety of Gardening Supplies
  • One Stop Shop
  • Yearly Catalog of new and current seeds
  • Over 140 Years Experience

The Negatives

  • Seeds are kind of expensive
  • No Free Shipping of any kind

Burpee is a very well known online garden center and has been around for over 140 years.  Burpee has lots more then just seeds.  They have live plants, live roots and gardening supplies of almost every kind. Burpee is more of a one-stop shop for gardening seeds, plants and supplies.

Seeds Now Banner

Name: Seeds Now

Website: seedsnow.com

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA
TrustScore: 4.1 – 27 Reviews

Seeds Now Rating

Seeds Now Review Ratings

Seeds Now, Product Overview

Seeds Now is an online source for 100% Heirloom, NON-Hybrid, & NON-GMO Seeds.  Seeds to grow organic.  There were no reviews available on Facebook but has 74,016 followers.

They package seeds in a re-sealable moisture-proof pack, never use paper envelopes.  They offer a 100% customer satisfaction.

When I reviewed the website, the home page presented an alphabet to select a letter for what the beginning letter of the seed is.  You can also select a category on the header to find what you are looking for as well.

Offers seeds-of-the-month for your garden.  Delivered at the right time to start the seeds indoors.

A fun surprise every month.  Membership starts at only $5/month.

They also have available grow guides for just about everything you want to grow.  The ability to search seeds by zone then category; vegetable & fruit and flower & herb.

The Positives

  • Wide Variety Seeds
  • Certified Organic Seed Company
  • Specializes in seed banks
  • Seed of the month club
  • Rewards program – for special discounts and offers
  • Free eBook for organic gardening

The Negatives

  • Unable to find negatives
  • Unable to find out how long in business

I was not able to find out how long Seeds Now has been in business.  I would assume it’s a fairly new company with only 27 reviews but they were all mostly positive.

My Final Thoughts

In my review I find any of these 3 places are all great to order garden seeds online.  I have actually purchased seeds from all 3 places and never had any troubles.

I am actually looking at purchasing some live plants from Burpee, and of course I found some seeds to get to add to my cottage garden project this spring.

Purchasing at any of these places would be a personal preference.  If you are looking for more then just seeds then I would recommend Burpee, they also have gardening supplies too.

Hope you found this post informative and helpful.  Please leave a comment below.

==>Click Here for Botanical Interest Purchases <==

==>Click Here for Seeds Now Purchases<==

Happy Planting!









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6 thoughts on “2021 Review – Where to Order Seeds Online”

  1. Thank you for giving us these different options. Of all these, I have only tried Seeds Now and I love them. They have a great selection and friendly service! SeedsNow is the main place I buy my seeds for the season because they have such a huge selection! And I also have to commend their app. It’s really easy to use.

    • Hi Paolo,

      Thank you for letting me know that Seeds Now is a great company to buy seeds too.  They do have a great selection and a seed bank, and if you want a seed of the month club.  I love their big selection too.  Thanks again for your comments.

  2. Thanks for sharing this very useful information.

    I love looking at all the packets of seeds and choosing different mixes of plants and colours for all the different parts of my garden.

    The only problem is that I have had a lot of seeds that haven’t grown for me in the past.  But I think that was my fault in the way I looked after them.

    I love a bargain so thanks for giving me prices to consider, as why pay more for the same thing elsewhere!

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Geoff, 

      Thank you for your comments.  When growing seeds the soil needs to be warm and moist.  It can’t dry out or the seeds won’t grow.  Try using some plastic wrap over the pot the seeds are in to make a greenhouse affect and and in a sunny window or grow light.  Some seeds can take up to 2 weeks to germinate.  Seeds do take some attention when growing.

  3. Thank you for the review on how to order seeds online, You have provided enough information for anyone to make informed decisions when they are ordering seeds online. It is something that I really never thought of but it really looks like a very viable option than in store. The three places you have recommended have a great track record for their services to be trusted. 

    • Hi Bogadi,

      Thank you for your comments.  I have used all 3 of these companies with no issues.  It’s kind of fun starting your own seeds.  Please share my website to other fellow gardeners.


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