2021 Online Review – Spring Bulbs Sale

Hello Now that spring is in the air and here according to the calendar. Did you plant your spring flowers from bulbs? Have they started to sprout up where you live? In some area, you should be seeing some of the early spring flower bulbs peaking through the ground and in some places started to … Read more

When to Plant Tulips

Hello! Today I am visiting my daughter and family in northern Alabama and we stopped at a tulip farm close to her house. This gave me some inspiration to write about when to plant tulips. One of the best-known spring bulb is the tulip. Tulips come in a rainbow of colors and varieties. Tulips are … Read more

How to Grow Patchouli – The Hippie Herb

Hello! Today I am going to talk about how to grow Patchouli. This plant is actually a herb in the mint family. The other thing I found in my research is patchouli has an aroma synonymous with the hippie era. My niece is interested in growing Patchouli, and maybe creating her own essential oils from … Read more

2021 Review – Raised Bed Garden Kits – Gardener’s Supply

Hello! It’s getting close to that time when you need to start planning your vegetable garden. For some of you, it maybe already time and you are already getting the garden prepared. If you are looking for raised bed garden kits, I am going to review a few of them from Gardener’s Supply. Raised bed … Read more

Growing Kiwi Fruit Vines

Hello! Today I am going to talk about growing kiwi fruit vines. I found an Issai hardy kiwi vine at our local garden center and decided to grow 2 of them, one for each side of the garden gate arch for them to climb. I have them started in the house getting them mature enough … Read more

Growing Climbing Roses on a Trellis

Hello! As I sit here thinking of all the gardening projects I want to do this year, I will be growing climbing roses on a trellis. I actually purchased 4 garden gates with a trellis. One of them for sure will be the new home to one of the climbing rose bushes that was already … Read more

2021 Review – Where to Order Seeds Online

Hello! Today I am going to talk about where to order seeds online. It seems I have become a seed hoarder and a collector of seeds. When I go to a local store, I find seeds, or purchasing seeds online, I buy more seeds. You can purchase just about any seeds imaginable. You can buy … Read more

The Mysterious Moon Garden

Hello! Have you heard of a moon garden? If you haven’t heard of one, a moon garden is to be enjoyed at night by the moonlight. A moon garden is made up of plants of white and light colored blooms, that will open at night and shine with the moonlight. Since I can’t start gardening … Read more

Whimsical Miniature Fairy Garden ideas & Miniature Garden Ideas!

Hello! The whimsical fairy garden and miniature garden! These are little gardens with miniature items that can be added with plants and fairy garden accessories or dollhouse type accessories for a miniature garden. There are many miniature fairy garden ideas and miniature garden ideas to choose from. They are fun to create and the best … Read more


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