Vegetable Gardening in Freezing Climates – Zones 1 thru 3

Hello! After I blogged about vegetable gardening in warmer climates – Zones 7 thru 10. I thought I should blog about the really cold zones. I recently posted a blog about hardiness grow zones but thought I would get more detailed about growing in the specific zones. Growing zone’s 1 and 2 are only in … Read more

What You Need To Know About Hydroponics Gardening

Hello! I am sure most people have heard about hydroponics gardening at some point in their life but do you really know what hydroponics gardening is? This is something I have always wondered. In this post, I will discuss the history of hydroponics gardening, benefits of hydroponics gardening, the nutrients used for hydroponics and how … Read more

Vegetable Gardening in Warmer Climates – Zones 7 thru 10

Hello! Today I am going to talk about planting in the warmer climates, specifically zones 7 thru 10. When planting in the warmer climates, the issue here is heat and not cold. The northern climates you deal with cold and not so much heat. I am visiting my daughter and grand kids here in the … Read more

Best Houseplants for Beginners

Hello! It has been brought up that some people have issues growing houseplants. They just don’t have a green thumb. I will tell you about some houseplants that are easy to care for and will look amazing in your home. Here are some easy plants to grow indoors. Spider Plant This is a popular plant … Read more

How to Grow Succulent Plants

Hello! I have always wanted to know how to grow succulents and how to make them last. So I decided to research how to grow succulents, What are succulent plants, common succulent plants, growing succulent plants indoors, and growing succulent plants outdoors. What are Succulent Plants Succulents are a type of plant that holds water … Read more

Indoor Grow Tent Kits Review – The Bud Grower

Hello! Have you wanted to have an indoor grow room but don’t have the space, time or money to build one? Want to leave your seasonal garden behind and plant vegetables and fruits in the off-season, in your home? Have you wanted a discrete garden? I have found a solution for you! There is a … Read more

Grow Your Own Marijuana Garden

Hello, Now that marijuana has been legalized in most states either for medicinal, recreational or both. There are still some states that are illegal for both in some states. Marijuana has some nice health benefits. In this post I will discuss how to grow your own marijuana garden, the difference between THC and CBD, how … Read more

The Smart Garden Review – How to Grow your own Vegetables Indoors

Hello! Having an indoor garden might not be something you’ve been thinking about. Maybe you’ve always grown houseplants but not vegetables in your home. When I was researching how to grow your own vegetables indoors, I came across this company. Click and Grow have Smart Gardens that can grow fresh, vegetables, herbs and fruits anywhere … Read more


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