Review 2021 Water Garden Ponds – Graystone Creations

Have you ever wanted to create your very own water garden in your backyard? I have found the perfect company to supply all your water gardening needs right here! About Graystone Creations Graystone Creations is located in Cleveland, Georgia, yes Georgia not Ohio. They have been in the pond business for over 20 years. Graystone … Read more

Review – Online Plant Nurseries – Are they worth using?

Hello! I wanted to talk about online plant nurseries. In a world of online shopping these days, you can just about buy anything, including plants and flowers online, using an online plant nursery, you definitely need to make sure you are buying from a reputable nursery. I will discuss my experience, the new nursery I … Read more

2021 Review – Backyard Greenhouse Kits from Greenhouse Emporium

What is a Greenhouse Kit? It’s a ready-to-assemble backyard greenhouse kit. The kit comes with all the necessary parts in order for the owner to assemble the greenhouse. There are lots of different sizes, styles and prices ranges. The backyard greenhouse kit or some people call them hobby greenhouse kits, are well-built, warm atmosphere for … Read more

The Magic of a Water Garden

Hello! Do you love the sound of water hitting the rocks, rushing down a stream? The magic of a water garden.  I find that sound so soothing and relaxing. I have always wanted some sort of water garden feature but where we used to live our property was the size of a postage stamp. Our … Read more

The Romantic Rose Garden!

Hello! Who doesn’t love a romantic rose garden? I have always loved the looks and smell of roses. The rose has been called the queen of flowers. When I was growing up my mom had a rose garden. She was a member of the American Rose Society. She would enter her roses in contests and … Read more

The Enchanting Woodland Garden

Hello! Have you ever thought of a woodland garden?  A woodland garden is a natural garden with vines and canopies. This type of garden is distinguished by layers, canopies and ground cover. I found this type of garden interesting since I live on 20 wooded acres and I can incorporate some of these ideas, where … Read more

Gardening to Attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies!

Hello! Do you love to see hummingbirds and butterflies while you are outside? I sure do! When we lived in the urban area I never saw hummingbirds and maybe a butterfly once in a while. Now at the Simongetti North I get hummingbirds, dragonflies and butterflies. I will be gardening to attract hummingbirds and butterflies!  … Read more

The Beautiful Azalea Tree

Hello! As some of you know, yesterday I purchased two Azalea Tree’s. I saw them at Meijer and thought it would add some color to my houseplant collection. The Azalea tree is part of the Rhododendron family. Since the azalea is a custom to the warm climate, it makes a great houseplant, where the temperature … Read more


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