Backyard Greenhouse Kits!

Backyard Greenhouse Kits

Backyard greenhouse kits are a ready-to-assemble hobby greenhouse. The kit comes with all the necessary parts in order for the owner to assemble the greenhouse. There are lots of different sizes, styles and prices ranges.

A greenhouse kit will give a well-built, warm atmosphere for the plant to be grown all year. All greenhouses are considered cold frames unless you provide heat in the winter. In the cold climates a greenhouse heater or solar heater would be needed to use greenhouses during the winter months. Having a greenhouse is valuable investment. It’s a great way to produce crops and fresh plants in the garden no matter the season or weather. Having a greenhouse can be enjoyed for many years.

Now that greenhouses are made with modern materials, it has become more affordable and increase the lifespan of a state-of-the-art greenhouse. Having a hobby greenhouse are becoming a thing.

Benefits of using a Greenhouse

Longer Growing Season – ease of climate control for increased growing season

Plant Isolation – keep plants protected from pests

Protection from the Elements – Unpredictable weather

Control Over Produce – Know how your produce is grown

The benefits of Buying a greenhouse kit versus DIY your own greenhouse

  • Start into greenhouse gardening, homesteading or self-sufficiency
  • The assembly is easier due to all the parts are included, with instructions and videos
  • Not much planning needed, the greenhouse kit contains everything
  • Ships right to your door.
  • Manufacturers have years of experience in building products to grow plants
  • Warranty from Greenhouse Emporium. Build your own no warranty
  • Accessories are often included
  • Variety of Greenhouse structures for every style
  • Customer support is always available if you have questions
  • Some kits are expandable, if you need more space later on. That’s a nice feature

Important things to think about before buying a hobby greenhouse

Before purchasing a hobby greenhouse kit, you need to make sure which greenhouses will work in your region, if you get heavy snow for example. It is recommended to buy a kit that is strong and heavy-duty. If you plan on using the greenhouse all year around, with the winter months, it will be essential to get an insulated framing and insulated greenhouse covering material to help keep the warmth.

In the desert type areas, the greenhouse will need shade, water and plenty of ventilation. Consider the quality of the frame and accessories that come with it.

The Greenhouse Emporium have lots of backyard greenhouse ideas from really expensive to very affordable. Below I will talk about the different types of greenhouse kits. The Greenhouse Emporium has a wide range of backyard hobby greenhouse kits, the ones below is just some ideas of what is available. Check out their website for all their backyard greenhouse kits.

Types of Greenhouse Kits

Freestanding Greenhouse kits

This is a stand-alone greenhouse that allows you to set them up where you want as long as the spot has plenty of daylight and the greenhouse will be level on the ground. Greenhouse Emporium offers a wide variety of frame structures that are freestanding, for example; conventional greenhouses, arch-shaped, geodesic domes and others.

Janssens T-Shaped Junior Victorian Orangerie 10ft x 13ft

Janssens T-Shaped Junior Victorian Orangerie 10ft x 13ft

Janssens T Shapped Junior 10 x 13 cost

Lean to Greenhouse Kits

The benefit with an attached or lean-to greenhouse is that you don’t need to have all four walls. This greenhouse attaches to one weight-bearing wall. This type of greenhouse is less costly than other greenhouse designs and will work for planting seedlings, herbs and some vegetables in a small space.

Juliana Veranda Lean-To Greenhouse 14ft x 10ft

Lean to 14 x 10

Juliana Veranda Lean-To Cost

Cold Frames

Cold frames are technically not greenhouses, they are referred to as mini greenhouse kits to get started with greenhouse gardening. This type is small and is only used for season starters and extenders.

Juwel BioStar 1500 Premium Cold Frame 5ft x 3ft

Cold frame

Juwel BioStar 1500 Premium Cold Frame Cost

Greenhouse accessories

When considering where to purchase your greenhouse, consider what accessories come with the kit and which one you will need. Most greenhouse kits come with benches, a door, base frame and vent to open. Make sure you get everything you need to start with the first purchase. Usually purchasing accessories later on can become costly.

Add-on accessories for the Hobby Greenhouse

  • Louver window
  • Shelving & Potting Benches
  • Watering Systems
  • Shade Cloths
  • Heaters
  • Ventilation
  • Grow Lights
  • Pots, hooks and other planting supplies

Why Should You Should Buy from Greenhouse Emporium?

Unlike most corporations like Amazon and Walmart, they know that a customer is not just another number. A fellow gardener who has their own wants and needs for their greenhouse garden. Greenhouse Emporium is customer-centered, for a pleasant shopping experience. It has been their goal and they pride themselves on their comprehensive policies that have put them in a realm above and beyond their competitors. If that isn’t enough, they also offer several more benefits:

  • They have a Price Match Guarantee
  • No Sales Tax – outside of Wyoming
  • Authorized Dealer – They are an authorized dealer of every manufacturer they carry. Unlike some retailers, full manufacturer’s warranties will be honored for all products sold at Greenhouse Emporium.
  • Free Shipping in the Continental US
  • We ship directly from the manufacturer. This allows them to not only keep their prices down but allows them to focus fully on their customer’s experience.
  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support
  • Secure Ordering – Completely secure ordering with Stripe Payments

The bottom line is they love their customers, and their customers love their service.

The Greenhouse Emporium have a wide range of affordable greenhouse kits and cold frame kits, along with other gardening supplies. I like that they have free shipping within the continental USA, which can big a huge savings with some of the greenhouses are big for shipping.




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Check out the Greenhouse Emporium website for your greenhouse and cold frame needs. Lots of selection to choose from.

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I hope you found this Review helpful for deciding which type of Backyard Greenhouse Kit or Cold Frame you would like or

dream about for some of these are glamorous backyard hobby greenhouse kits.

Let me know what you think about my review! I would live to hear from you!

Happy Planting!



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8 thoughts on “Backyard Greenhouse Kits!”

  1. I already told you before that I am starting to plant, and yes it’s true that one of my problems now, having an open space are pests. 

    Regular visitors like toads are sleeping on my pots, One stray cat make her way through one pot towards the neighbor’s backyard. Oh these stresses me.

    I see the importance of having a greenhouse. I also need to consider my county’s seasons. The rainy days which includes typhoons and floods and the dry season which is very hot.

    I have compared your shown designs of greenhouses and those from my country, those from Greenhouse Emporium looks more sturdy and can sustain our climate condition.

    My country’s design, good for short term plant shelter and what Greenhouse Emporium carries will definitely last longer.

    The price however is a great consideration. I will have to think and study more. But greenhouses are a definite advantage in planting my pot plants, herbs and leafy vegetables.

    • Thank you for your comments!  Yes a greenhouse would help with those things and consider your weather conditions to see if the greenhouse you can afford will withstand any harsh weather.

  2. You have some wonderful examples of greenhouses here, and I was always under the impression that people built there own, but now I see you can buy beautiful ones in kit form, which is ideal if you are not looking to invest with a builder.

    I especially like the Lean-to Greenhouse idea, as you can use a side wall of your house to put it against and thus save space in your garden. The prices are surprisingly cheap, and I think it might work out cheaper to actually order a kit than try and fathom it out yourself.

    • Hi Michel,

      I like the Lean-to as well or more of a sun room attached to my house is what I am thinking for my home.  Thank you for your comments.

  3. Thank you for sharing these ideas. And I find it cool that in most cases, we can build a greenhouse on our property without anyone’s permission. Some municipalities, however, have strict regulations on permanent structures and it may require us to fill out forms (with filing fees) or apply for licenses or permits. But that’s not the case where I live so I’m excited about building my own greenhouse.

    • Hi Paolo,

      I sometimes forget that some people might need to check with their municipalities.  I live on 20 acres and we don’t have to ask anyone for anything, which is nice.  I am hoping to get a greenhouse some day.  Thank you for your comments.

  4. Hey there! This was a very interesting topic to read about. I have seen greenhouses before, but was unaware of the different styles that you can purchase for right in the back yard. My wife is an avid planter and in the warmer months we plant a small garden for the fresh veggies. 

    My wife will sure get some value out of this post. Also, I found it helpful with the breakdown of the price points and styles via the Greenhouse Emporium product line. Kudos!


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