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Now that spring is in the air and here according to the calendar. Did you plant your spring flowers from bulbs? Have they started to sprout up where you live? In some area, you should be seeing some of the early spring flower bulbs peaking through the ground and in some places started to bloom.

I am going to review several places on where to purchase spring flowers bulbs. In this review I have 4 garden centers from the United States and 2 garden centers from the United Kingdom. They are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of review.
Most of the garden centers are having a spring bulbs sale and sales with other plants going on right now.

BloomingBulb Logo

Name: BloomingBulb

Website: Bloomingbulb.com

Location: Medford, OR

TrustScore: No Reviews

FaceBook: has 5 out of 5 – Based on 21 people

BloomingBulb Ratings

BloomingBulb, Product Overview

The BloomingBulb is out of Medford, OR and has 365 different bulbs to choose from and currently having a 64% off sale. They also carry indoor gardens with bulbs planted in them to enjoy in the home. BloomingBulb started with a small group of friends and family that brought 35 years if experience working with the world’s top bulb and plant growers. Their plan was to market top quality flower bulbs at economical prices for the customer.

Most of the spring shipping starts in early-March with a few exceptions, depending on your hardiness zone and product availability.

Hardiness Zone       Begin Shipping date

8 – 13                               Early to Mid March

7                                      Mid to Late March

5 – 6                                 Early to Mid April

4                                      Mid to Late April

1 – 3                                 Early to Mid May

Fall 2021 shipping schedule is around late September to early October and stop shipping around November/December.

The Positives

  • All plants and items sold at BloomingBulb are 100% Guaranteed to grow and thrive
  • Nice selection of bulbs
  • Some happy customers, 5 out of 21 recommend, and 8 with no opinion

The Negatives

  • It appears a lot of the spring flower bulbs are sold out
  • Some dissatisfied customers, 8 out of 21 people don’t recommend

The Bloomingbulb doesn’t have much for reviews.  Using this vender would be a personal choice.  I have not personally used this gardener before.

==>Order from BloomingBulb here<==


Burpee Logo

Name: Burpee

Website: Burpee.com

Location: Warminster, PA

TrustScore: 4.4 – 20,747 Reviews

Facebook: 4.4 – 20,860 Reviews

Burpee TrustScore review

Burpee Reviews

Burpee, Product Overview

Burpee seeds and plants are available for all growing zones and for all seasons and Burpee guarantees each and every product. In order to keep pace with the changing times, Burpee’s highly recognized catalog can now be viewed online. Burpee.com can be used as a one-stop-shop for gardening techniques, recipes, FAQs, etc. Burpee has 227 bulbs available.

Burpee Shipping Schedule by zone

The Positives

  • Wide Variety of Gardening Supplies
  • One Stop Shop
  • Yearly Catalog of new and current seeds, plants and bulbs
  • Over 140 Years Experience

The Negatives

  • Not as many bulbs as other online stores
  • No Free Shipping of any kind

Burpee is a very well-known online garden center and has been around for over 140 years. Burpee has lots more then just seeds. They have
live plants, live roots and gardening supplies of almost every kind. Burpee is more of a one-stop shop for gardening seeds, plants and


Home Depot Logo

Name: Home Depot

Website: https://www.homedepot.com/b/Outdoors-Garden-Center/

Location: USA

TrustScore: No Rating

Facebook: No Rating

ChickAdvisor: 4.1 – 11 Reviews

Home Depot Reviews

Home Depot Garden Center, Product Overview

The Home depot Garden center has many different plants available, online or at the garden center brick and mortar store. I had to do a search to find bulbs, they have an assortment of bulbs and bare roots. They don’t have the selection of some garden centers. It was difficult to find the grow zone on some of the bulbs, bare roots and plants.

The Positives

  • Wide Variety of Gardening Supplies
  • One Stop Shop
  • Use PayPal for payment
  • Free Standard Shipping to Residences for purchases over $45

The Negatives

  • Unable to shop by zone
  • Hard time finding which zone the plants belong in
  • Limited for ship to home

Ordering online for spring flower bulbs is an option for Home Depot Garden Center, there weren’t many options for home delivery and finding which zone the plants needed was also a challenge.

==>Click here to Order at the Home Depot Garden Center USA<==


Nature Hills Nursery

Name: Nature Hills Nursery

Website: https://www.naturehills.com/

Location: Omaha, NE

TrustScore: 4.7 – 10,488 Reviews


Nature Hills Nursery Reviews

Nature Hills Nursery, Product Overview

Nature Hills Nursery has a superior selection of designer-quality flower bulbs. They have unique selections of favorites like Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinth. They also have carefully chosen beautiful combinations of mixed bulbs that work together like a dream in any flower garden.

With Nature Hills Nursery, create your very own backyard design, anchored with evergreen bushes, then punctuated with magnificent, easy-care flowering Forsythia, Lilac, Hydrangea and Rose of Sharon shrubs. These can be perfectly coordinated to provide a cascade of blooms for you through the entire growing season to enjoy.

The Positives

  • Free Shipping on new orders over $149
  • Promo Code SPRING149
  • Many options to choose from
  • Shop by Zone

The Negatives

  • Pay for shipping for orders under $149
  • Some negative reviews

I like Nature Hills Nursery, they have a nice variety of different bulbs, bare roots and plants to get you ready for your flower garden this spring and summer. I have ordered a bunch of perennials and bulbs for spring planting. I will be ordering bulbs in the fall for the spring bloom.

==>Click here to order from Nature Hills Nursery<==


The Following are online options for the UK

Cherry Lane Logo

Name: Cherry Lane Garden Center U.K.

Website: https://www.cherry-lane.co.uk/

Location: Over 10 locations throughout the UK

TrustScore: 1.7 – 70 Reviews

Facebook: No Review but has over 26,000 followers

Cherry Lane Garden Centres Review

Cherry Lane Review Results

Cherry Lane Garden Centres U.K., Product Overview

Cherry Lane Garden Centres are the UK’s only Value Garden Centre, with garden centre throughout East Anglia, Yorkshire and the Midlands. Cherry Lane represents a new wave of specialist horticultural and leisure retailing. As part of the QD Group, the Garden Centres are committed to offering the best value as a matter of course.

They have expert staff and buyers ensure that quality and stock throughout the year is consistently high, and the team is constantly striving to source new products to meet your every need. Established in 2001, Cherry Lane Garden Centre is now able to offer their great product ranges online so that you can benefit from our great prices anywhere in the UK.

The Positives

  • More then just a plant store
  • Nice variety of plants
  • Offers gardening equipment, chemicals, lighting, watering and landscape items
  • Nice option for people living in the U.K.
  • PayPal available as payment option

The Negatives

  • Not many bulbs available
  • It’s not just a gardening store, it has furniture, pet supplies, home ware and toys
  • The delivery charge is dependent upon the delivery service selected, the number of parcels that are required to ship your order, the weight of the products in your order and the delivery location

I found Cherry Lane Garden Centres to be interesting.  They are a garden center plus a home center.  The prices seem reasonable and there is a local pick up option if you live close, order online and pick up yourself.  They strive for excellent customer service and service everyone in the U.K.

==>Click Here to Order from Cherry Lane Garden Centre, UK<==


Gardening Direct Logo

Name: Gardening Direct, U.K.

Website: https://www.gardeningdirect.co.uk/

Location: Jersey U.K.

Feefo: 4.3 – 122,354 Reviews

Facebook: None but has over 10,000 people following

Gardening Direct Review

Gardening Direct Review Results

Gardening Direct U.K., Product Overview

Gardening Direct UK, has become the UK’s leading online garden supplier and mail order of young live plants since 1996.

From their nurseries in Jersey they grow over 100 million top quality plants every year. Their model is simple, they grow plants to the very highest quality and send then directly to you at exactly the right time for growing on or planting out, they cut out the middle man and allow you to save time and money.

More and more people find that dealing with Gardening Direct is the easiest way to enable them to plan their garden, whatever the time of year. You can browse through their catalog and order from the comfort of your own home, knowing that all the plants are covered by our 100% satisfaction

All the plants are grown under greenhouse conditions to the highest standard. They are then boxed in custom designed protective packaging and dispatched by first class post at the appropriate time for planting, accompanied by easy to follow growing instructions.

The Positives

  • Over 60 years of growing experiences
  • Wide Variety of Bulbs, Tubers, and Corms
  • Delivery is free for all orders over £50. For orders under £50 a small fee of £4.95 will be charged.
  • Has indoor plants and supplies
  • PayPal Available as a payment option


The Negatives

  • First Come, First Serve basis for product availability
  • A lot sold out already, order early
  • Don’t see hardiness zones for plants

Gardening Direct, UK has a lot of options for ordering online plants, bulbs, tubers and Corms. They have been in business over 60 years and have good shipping rates and free for orders over £50. Like most places there are some bad reviews but the majority of these reviews give 4 to 5 star ratings with over 100,000 reviews. I see this place as a great option for my UK friends to purchase items for your garden, whether it’s flowers, vegetables or indoor plants.

My Personal Review – Happy Planting!

There are several options to purchase bulbs, bare-roots, tubers, corms, and plants. Out of the 4 for the USA, the top choice would be Burpee, then Nature Hills Nursery, BloomingBulb and then Home Depot Garden Center. Burpee and Nature Hills have the best ratings for purchasing spring bulbs, tuber and corms.

For the United Kingdom, the best place would be Gardening Direct, UK. Cherry Lane Garden Center has terrible reviews, 86% of the reviews do not recommend Cherry Lane Gardening Center. Personally I think Cherry Lane would do much better if they concentrated on gardening instead of a home and furniture store. Too many irons in the fire and the gardening part is not doing well.

Do you know when to plant your tulip bulbs?  Click here to read my post – When to Plant Tulips.

Has anyone used any of these online garden centers for bulbs or any type of plant?

What was your experience?

Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you!




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8 thoughts on “2021 Online Review – Spring Bulbs Sale”

  1. Hey Chris,

    I haven’t used any of these gardening centers, but I like the selection you have provided. I think this information will help many people, as spring is already here and hopefully warmer weather is on its way too. 

    I have checked some of the centers online, and I can say that selection is excellent!

    • Hi Violeta.

      Thank you for your comments.  I have used a couple of them personally, Burpee and Nature Hills Nursery and I have purchase plants from the Home Depot garden center as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing these gardening centers with us Chris. They all have quite the selection. With Spring here, I’m sure a lot of people will begin working in their gardens and outdoors to prettify their lawns. I’m not familiar with most of these places you listed, the only one I have heard of is Home Depot, which is local to me. It’s right across the street from my local Walmart in fact. Since Walmart also sells plants, would you ever recommend getting plants from there or would you think it better to stick just with Home Depot since that is what I am working with locally?

    • Hi Rachel,

      I see no problem getting the bulbs from Walmart or Home Depot if that is more convenient for you.  When purchasing from either place, just pay attention to the hardiness zones.  Some of the big box stores sell bulbs for any zone.  The online shops you can give them your zip code or if your know your zone, purchase for only your zone.

  3. Hi Chris. I read your review with some envy lol. I do not have access to the companies recommended by you. I have a garden where my spring flowers have already sprouted and some of them have blossomed. Although it is still quite cold, they respect their life cycle. Every year I remove the bulbs and in the winter I replant them. I haven’t bought other bulbs in 10 years because they multiply fantastically. Last year my daughter threw the bulbs at me. I was so upset that I said I didn’t take care of the garden anymore. But this spring I had a very nice surprise: my garden is full of spring flowers. Looks like I didn’t get all the bulbs out last year, luckily for me.

    • Hi Carmen,

      Thank you for your comments.  Do you not live in the US or UK?  That is great the bulbs multiply.  I have some tulip bulbs I planted a couple years ago and they don’t seem to have multiplied at all.  One bulb, one tulip.  Did you do something to make them multiply? or maybe only certain kinds multiply?

  4. Thank you very much for providing us all these options. I also agree with you that our best choice is Burpee. In my book, Burpee’s successful plant hybridizing has led to some of the best vegetable and flower seeds for American growers. Burpee also acquired The Cook’s Garden 10 years ago, and now offers some of the best gourmet veggies, greens, and herbs from around the world.

    • Hi Paolo,

      Thank you for your comments.  I received some hybrid seedless tomato seeds from Burpee that the fruit is 2 lbs each.  I will probably do a post on them once I get them started in a week or two.  I can show the progress and the size of the actual fruit.


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