The Smart Garden Review – How to Grow your own Vegetables Indoors

Hello! Having an indoor garden might not be something you’ve been thinking about. Maybe you’ve always grown houseplants but not vegetables in your home. When I was researching how to grow your own vegetables indoors, I came across this company. Click and Grow have Smart Gardens that can grow fresh, vegetables, herbs and fruits anywhere … Read more

What is an Aquaponics System?

Hello! I was surfing the internet looking at gardening information, I came across Aquaponics systems. I had never heard of them so I started to look into what is an aquaponics system?, how do they work, what plants and fish work best and the different systems out there. What is an Aquaponics System? Aquaponics is … Read more

How to Grow Vegetables with Containers

Hello! With spring coming up in a few months, I am starting to plan my vegetable garden. I won’t be doing any container gardening per se’ unless I decide to try potatoes and onions. My garden will be in the ground. I wanted to discuss having a container vegetable garden for people who have limited … Read more

Ideas for a Cottage Garden

Hello, Today I want to look at building a cottage garden in my backyard. We will discuss the space for a cottage garden, when the best time to plant perennials, annuals and discuss ideas for a cottage garden before you get started, shapes sizes and different plants. Knowing your planting zone In one of my … Read more

Gardening Zone Map – Where is your zone?

Hello, I wanted to discuss the different types of hardiness zones for planting flowers and vegetables outside within the U.S. We will discuss the different hardiness zones, the difference between annual and perennial plants, and when planting can begin in the spring. Planting Zones in the US The climate is different all over the United … Read more

How to Grow Plants Indoors – Where to Start

Hello! I am sure there are many people out there that would like to grow plants indoors but not sure how or where to start. I will discuss with you how to start plants from seed, which vegetable and flower plants that can be started indoors, and how to care for plants after germination. It’s … Read more

About Me

Welcome to Gardening At The Simongetti North. I love watching plants grow especially when the spring flowers and vegetables are getting started.  I love gardening, indoors and outdoors. Most of my gardening experience has been city gardening but now I’m in a rural area on 20-wooded acres and I can have big gardens, small gardens, … Read more


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